The Acropolis of Athens is a rocky hill, 156 meters high from the surface of the sea and 70 meters high from the surface of the city. The top has a trapezoid shape, 300 meters long and 150 meters wide. The hill has access only from the west side, where there is the fortified entrance with the brilliant Propylaea.
The hill was inhabited from 3000 bc and from the 6th century they started building the sacred of the Athenians, which were destroyed during the Persian War. The restoration of the walls and the sacred, started right after the defeat of the Persians in 465.., the Golden Age, that of Perikles. Under the supervision of Fidias and architects, Mnisiklis, Kallikratis, and Kallimahos, the Parthenon, the Erechthion, the Propylaea and the temple of Athena were built.
During the Roman time, a few buildings were added, whereas during the Byzantine time, the Parthenon became a Christian church. During the Frankish, it became a catholic church, whereas during the Turkish it became mosque.

The Propylaea is the anteroom for the entrance of Acropolis. This monumental entrance, started being built in 436…after the finishing of the Parthenon, from architect Mnisiklis. This edifice, is something unique for ancient greek architecture. Six columns…. of doric order adorn the façade while they become thinner as they move from the base to the top. The Propylaea have never been finished. In 431bc.. the Peloponnesian War started and the projects stoped. In 429.bc. Perikles died and his successors didn’t show any interest for the continuation of the project.

Temple of Athena or of Wingless Victory
It is about a small marble temple, without a vestibule, that started being built between 427bc.. & 424bc.. from architect Kaliikratis. Inside its nave, there was a statue of goddess Athena, that held a helmet in her left hand and a pomegranate in her right hand, which is the symbol of Gods of the Underworld. In 1687, the Turks destroyed the temple and with its architectural parts, they enhanced their fortification.

Parthenon is one of the most famous monuments of the world and it is the larger and more formal edifice of Acropolis, that is why it attracts the admiration from all over the world, for many centuries. The projects for the erection of the marble temple of Athens started in 447 bc under the supervision of architects Iktinos and Kallikratis. The temple was ready in 438 bc and during the Panathineans of next year , it was dedicated to the patron goddess. It is a temple of doric order and perimeter with eight …to the narrow sides and seventeen.. to the wide sides, with 10,5 meters height. To the main temple, the famous chryselephantine statue of virgin Athena was set on a pedestal, which Fidias had finished and put in 338 bc in its place. For those reasons, it is on the top of all ancient edifices.

According to the mythology, Athena’s and Poseidon’s fray was made to this spot for the domination of the city. The god of the sea Poseidon, hit a rock with the triaena and seawater sprung. In turn, Athena hit with her spear and an olive tree was grown. The gods, who were judges, gave the victory to Athena. In this place, according to mythology, King Erechtheas had his house, who later matched with Poseidon. That is why the temple, got its name from this mythical king of Athens. The temple was built, between 425 bc and 406 bc with plans of Kallimahos and is one of the masterpieces of ionic order.